How Dentures Can Improve Your Overall Health

How Dentures Can Improve Your Overall Health

For patients with missing teeth, dentures are the perfect solution. Dentures provide them with a fresh new smile. The natural appearance of dentures replaces gaps in the teeth, so patients can feel confident when they smile. 

While this solution improves oral care, it also drastically improves a patient’s overall mental and physical health. Here are four reasons why dentures can enhance your wellbeing. 

Helps With Eating and Digestive IssuesPhoto by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

Eating food can be difficult if a patient is struggling with missing or crooked teeth. When food is not chewed properly, the nutrients are not absorbed, which means the body functions incorrectly. 

Not being able to chew in the right way can lead to digestive issues like bloating, ulcers, constipation, and diarrhea. Dentures can prevent this from happening. Thanks to a full set of teeth, chewing food is evenly distributed across the teeth, so there is less strain on teeth, too, avoiding further damage.

Help Facial Muscles 

If a patient suffers from missing teeth, the cheeks are not supported, resulting in sagging skin. Without teeth, the cheeks begin to sink, which causes wrinkles and can give the impression that the patient is much older than they really are. 

Dentures can support the face, bringing shape and vitality back to the cheek muscles for a younger-looking appearance. 

Helps With Talking 

Missing teeth can cause speaking issues. Other people may struggle to understand what you’re saying, and this can make patients feel anxious and embarrassed. Dentures can allow patients to talk like they used to with a full set of teeth, so there’s no need to worry when chatting to people or catching up with friends. 

Improves Emotional Wellbeing 

Dentures can not only help physical health but can also support a patient’s mental health, too. Unfortunately, many patients lose their confidence with social interaction, becoming fearful of showing their teeth when they smile, laugh, eat, or even talk. Over time, this can lead to isolation and a decline in their emotional wellbeing. 

Having dentures means that the mental health of the patient is also being supported, providing them with confidence and self-esteem to carry on with all of their favorite things without feeling self-conscious about their smile. 

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