Quality Of Life Improvements Dentures Can Offer

Quality Of Life Improvements Dentures Can Offer

man happy with smile dentures conceptTooth loss can take a devastating toll on more than just your appearance. Losing several teeth makes it difficult to bite and chew, which limits what you can eat and makes maintaining a balanced diet more difficult. It also leaves you vulnerable to jawbone resorption, a problem that affects your health as well as your appearance. It can be a relief to learn just how much good prosthetic work can do for restoring your well-being while also making you happy with your smile once again. Our Dallas, TX dental practice provides both partial dentures and full dentures to help with different degrees of tooth loss. The right appliance can offer lasting benefits and generally make you more comfortable in daily life.

Can I Really Recover From Significant Tooth Loss?

After losing several teeth, or being without an entire row, it can feel as though your smile is lost forever. It can also become difficult for you to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet, as many foods you once enjoyed can be difficult to eat. Losing confidence in your ability to address this issue can leave you resigned to these problems, as well as future issues like jawbone resorption that can occur in time. A discussion about treatment with partial or full dentures can help you understand that recovery is possible. The right restoration can give you back confidence in the way you look while also resolving problems with limited bite strength and more.

We Provide Durable Partial And Full Dentures

Partial and full dentures are capable of filling in your smile and giving you back functional and cosmetic support. These restorations make it easier to bite, chew, and speak, can make your daily life more comfortable, and in some cases help with jawbone tissue loss. Partial dentures can fill in non-adjacent gaps in a row of teeth. This kind of restoration is removable rather than fixed. Both removable and fixed dentures are available to respond to the total loss of a row of teeth. Your options include treatment with dental implants to hold the restoration. With this solution, you can have welcome added stability for your bite, and you can create stimulation in the jawbone tissues that will help you avoid a loss of density in the bone.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Dentist About Treatment With Dentures

With partial and full dentures, our practice is able to help patients who have experienced more significant tooth loss. Kozlow And Rowell Dentistry is proud to help patients who require these restorations in order to regain smile confidence as well as a healthy dental function. In all of our services, we strive to provide holistic care experiences and lifelike results! For more information, call our Dallas, TX dental office at (972) 458-2464.